Drive-Time Meditations are a dynamic way to start your day.

As a long-time host on NPR affiliates, Donna Apidone knows the first voice and message you hear in the morning can set the tone for your entire day. So make it good.

These are not traditional meditations. Most of these motivators are less than five minutes long with impactful themes and music.

The focus is Purpose. Get your head and your heart into the right space to make a difference in your community and the world.

You can do anything you set your mind to do.

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Your paid subscription includes two Drive-Time Meditations per week, usually posted on Mondays and Thursdays.

You can stay on Purpose in less than 10 minutes per week for $50 per year.

This kind of thing could change the world.

Drive-Time Meditations — 183 of them — are also in book form, available from Amazon.

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Donna Apidone

Motivational speaker. Interviewer, writer, producer for NPR and PBS affiliates. Interfaith minister. Author of Drive-Time Meditations and TransForMission.